As of 2014, Winton Road Nursery School is proud to celebrate fifty years of providing a rich foundation of learning through play for children in the Rochester community. Through exploration of everyday experiences and surroundings, we strive to empower children to ask questions, think for themselves, and try out new ideas in a nurturing, supportive environment. Our experienced teachers seek to enlarge our students’ worlds by fostering a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Our Philosophy

At Winton Road Nursery School, children learn through play, experimentation, manipulation, and observation. Creative and dramatic play, art projects, music and circle time activities combine to nurture social skills and language development, encouraging confidence and independence in every child.

Through a variety of age-appropriate programs, we strive for the goals of preparing children for kindergarten and inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

In an effort to meet you and your child’s needs, Winton Road Nursery School offers four programs for children between the ages of two through five.

Our Goals are to assist children in:

  1. Building self-esteem
  2. Making their own decisions and choices
  3. Experimenting, asking questions and solving problems
  4. Expressing creativity
  5. Laying foundations for good social relationships
  6. Developing emergent writing, literacy and language skills
  7. To develop interest in creative arts through music, body movement and dramatic
  8. To build upon a child’s sense of wonder and curiosity

The school is founded on the concept of semi-cooperative nursery education. Parents are members of a non-profit, non-sectarian, corporation that administers the school through an appointed board of trustees. Parents have the opportunity to guide their child’s first school experience as they share in decision making and committee service.